What Is A Rainbow Baby?

What is a rainbow baby

Do you know, what is a rainbow baby?

I think you don’t know and that is the reason you are here. So let’s go we try to clarify the topic here.

The term “rainbow baby” refers to the child who is born after the woman previously lost her infant due miscarriage, neonatal death or the like. It came from the idea that a rainbow comes after a storm or rain. In other words, rainbow babies are hope after couple get through pain in the past.

Double Rainbow Baby

Love to know about double rainbow baby? Well, we can say that is double rainbow infant, when his birth happens after two or consecutive losses of infants experienced by the mother. If the birth of a rainbow baby is very fulfilling, it is multiplied when a double rainbow baby comes. It is indeed a miracle to raise a child after a double lost.

What a mother feels when having this type of baby?

Here are some expression we try to find out after hundred hours research.

Overwhelming Joy

It is indeed a miracle to at last raise a baby after previous lost. Moreover, the excitement and joy are incomparable. The mother feel the new life. So she can easily forget the previous life death. The joy is unrecognizable.


Even though your heart is filled with happiness you can’t contain, fear is still present. Yes! That is one reality of having a rainbow baby. Because of the lost of previous baby for whatever reason, you cannot help but to overthink what if the same situation happens again.

Over Protection Towards the Baby

Since the lost of the previous baby brought pain and sometimes trauma, it became a great lesson for the part of the parents. Furthermore, because of the said incident, parents cannot keep themselves from over worrying. The lesson from the past warns them to be very careful this time.

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Why some mothers feel sad when having a baby like this? Well, there are times that the clothing of their previous lost child is now worn by the rainbow baby. The memories keep on hunting them and wish to see their lost baby grows. 

Rainbow babies are proof that there are still hope after so much pain. Their existence fulfills the missing pieces inside the hearts of their parents.

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