Where does HIV Rash Appear?

Where does HIV Rash Appear

Do you know where does HIV Rash Appear?

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Rashes appear as part of the early symptoms of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) symptoms. This symptom occurs usually during the first to second month of acquiring the virus. Moreover, same as with other common rashes, it can be itchy and painful. Therefore, early occurrence of rashes on the skin must be checked.

What Causes HIV Infection?

A person gets HIV infection when he or she acquire human immunodeficiency virus. This virus transmits through infected sperm, vaginal fluid and blood. Majority of the patients got the virus from having unprotected sex. In other words, when you had sex with someone who is infected with the virus without using condom, the fluid may transmit and infect you.

HIV attacks your immune system. Therefore, your soldiers in the body get weak. That is why patients with this virus experience many complications.

Where does HIV Rash Appear?

Rashes may appear in any part of the skin. However, there are parts which are more noticeable like face and the chest. Furthermore, there are some patients who had it on their hands and feet.

Some carriers also noticed ulcers in their mouth as part of the rashes. In other words, it depends on the severity of the case. Other reports said that other patients only experienced mild rashes. However, some of the cases had sever rashes that classified as life-threatening.

How to Cure HIV Infection?

There is really no medicine in the pharmacy that claims to cure HIV yet. However, there are some ways that you may do to help your condition. First is eating healthy foods. When you eat good foods, it will strengthen your immune system. Remember, this virus attacks your immune system. So, when your immune system is weak, your body is more receptive to other diseases. Also, consider antiretroviral medication. This medication stops the replication of virus in your body.

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