Why Do Mormons Have So Many Kids : The Truth Revealed

Why Do Mormons Have So Many Kids
Why Do Mormons Have So Many Kids?

The Mormon community has often been associated with having larger families, leading many to question the reasons behind their high fertility rates. In this blog post, we will explore the various factors that contribute to why Mormons tend to have more children compared to other religious groups.

1. Religious Beliefs and Family Values

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as the Mormon Church, places a strong emphasis on family values and procreation. Mormons believe that families are eternal and that bringing children into the world is a way to fulfill their divine purpose. They see raising children as a means of participating in God’s plan and building the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Why Do Mormons Have So Many Kids  : The Truth Revealed

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2. Importance of Marriage

Mormons highly value the institution of marriage and consider it a lifelong commitment. They encourage early marriage, often soon after completing their education, to promote strong family units. Early marriage allows couples to start families at an early age, enabling them to have more children over time. Additionally, Mormons believe that marriage is a sacred covenant bestowed by God, further reinforcing their commitment to having children within the bounds of marriage.

3. Community Support and Family Networks

Within the Mormon community, there is a strong sense of support and connection among families. Mormons often live near each other, forming close-knit communities that provide emotional, practical, and financial assistance to one another. This supportive environment can alleviate the challenges that come with having large families, making it more feasible and desirable for Mormons to have more children.

Why Do Mormons Have So Many Kids  : The Truth Revealed

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4. Life Purpose and Eternal Progression

Mormons believe in the concept of eternal progression, the idea that life is a journey towards becoming more like God. They see mortal life as a temporary state where individuals can learn, grow, and eventually attain godhood. Bearing and raising children is seen as an essential part of this journey, as it provides opportunities for personal development and contributes to the expansion of God’s spiritual family.

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5. Trust in God’s Provision

Mormons have a strong belief in divine providence and place their trust in God’s ability to provide for their families. They believe that God has commanded them to multiply and replenish the earth. This trust in God’s provision eases concerns about the financial and logistical challenges that can come with having many children, as Mormons rely on their faith to guide them through such difficulties.

6. Future Church Growth

Mormons also consider the growth of their religious community as a driving factor behind having larger families. They believe that having many children will contribute to the future expansion of the Mormon Church and allow more individuals to join their faith. The desire to bring others into the Mormon community encourages Mormons to have more children, with the hope of perpetuating their religious beliefs and values.

Frequently Asked Questions On Why Do Mormons Have So Many Kids : The Truth Revealed

Why Is Having Many Kids Important In Mormon Culture?

Having many kids is important in Mormon culture as they believe in raising a righteous generation.

What Are The Reasons For Mormons Having Large Families?

Mormons believe children are a blessing and seek to fulfill the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth.

What Role Do Children Play In The Mormon Faith?

Children are seen as precious gifts from God and are considered an essential part of God’s plan for families.

How Does The Mormon Faith Influence Family Size?

Mormon faith encourages large families as they believe that each spirit child needs a physical body.


The reasons behind Mormons having more children are deeply rooted in their religious beliefs, family values, and sense of community. Their commitment to family, marriage, and their faith shapes their views on procreation, contributing to the higher fertility rates observed within the Mormon community. It is important to understand and respect these religious and cultural factors when discussing and analyzing the choices made by Mormons regarding family size.

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