When Should Girls Start Shaving?

When Should Girls Start Shaving

Do you love to know when should girls start shaving?

Well, let’s go! We will reveal the issue clearly in this article.

Body hairs exist naturally even if we don’t like it. Hair cells regenerates easily when we try to trim them. It sometimes annoys us because indeed bare skin is cleaner to look at.

But the question is, when should girls start shaving?

Well, there is no specific time or age when a girl should start body hairs. It depends on the culture, the age, genetics and other factors. There are some girls who are really hairy even if too young. In other words, a girl should start shaving when there is a need.

When you feel conscious about your body hairs, you can start shaving them. However, shaving them make it prone to coarser and more noticeable. Self-consciousness becomes an issue most especially when you received not so good comment with your body hairs. Moreover, it becomes worst when embarrassment and bullying come with it.

Commonly, body hairs exist when you reach your puberty stage. That comes with the idea that at that time maybe is the perfect moment to start the routine.

However, body hairs act as a buffer or barrier to the skin to avoid irritation cause by friction. For example, underarm hairs help to avoid irritation of the skin when they cause friction from constant moving.

Keep in mind that there are things that we need to remember when shaving body hairs. Skin are more prone to irritation and infection when no hairs that will act as barriers. Do not use dull blade because it may stab your skin and cause more serious problem.


Above all else, just love your skin. Your body hair makes you unique and wonderful. Aside from protection it gives from friction, it also covers it from tanning. Embrace one’s uniqueness. That’s what makes you beautiful.

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