Who Buys the Wedding Bands?

Who Buys the Wedding Bands

Do you know who buys the wedding bands? If you know, that’s good. But if not, interested to know it?

Well, I am going to say you who buys the wedding bands usually. But before that, I’ve something to say you.

The Symbol of Wedding Bands

Wedding bands or wedding rings symbolizes commitment in marriage. These accessories are intended to have a round shape to make couple understand that it is a never-ending commitment. Just like the ring, marriage has to end point.

How Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Differs?

Men give engagement ring during proposal. This happens when he wants to propose to his girlfriend a lifetime commitment— the wedding. On the other hand, the wedding ring or band, is the kind of ring the couple give as a gift during their wedding. The couple give it to their partner during giving of vows in the ceremony.

Moreover, the couple wear the wedding ring from the day of their wedding and on. It serves as a sign that the man and woman is not available to other opposite sex commitment.  

Who Should Buy Wedding Band?

The bride’s groom takes responsibility in buying the engagement ring and the bride’s wedding ring. On the other hand, the bride purchases the ring for her man. In doing so, the wedding ring now becomes a gift of never-ending promise for each other.

However, in some traditions, they must be together in buying the bands so that it looks the same. Moreover, the size of the ring fits to the one who will wear it. It is the common mistake of the couple. Since wedding ring as a gift is a surprise, the size matters a lot. So, other couples prefer to buy it together to at least make sure that it is fit to their partners.

In most cases, since couple nowadays are already joining their finances before the wedding comes, many of them buy it together.

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Rings play a vital symbol in the life of every couple. However, the fulfillment of its symbol is still in the hands of the couple. So, even if the ring has no ending, the couple have still the decision to end it or not.

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