What Does A Cavity Look Like?

What does a cavity look like

Do you know what does a cavity look like?

Our teeth are one of the most noticeable part in our body. These make us attractive and add charm in our totality as a person. However, whether we like it or not, the beauty of our teeth vanish as time goes by most especially when not took care properly.

Have you heard someone complained because of toothache? I believe you do. The pain in the face of people who experience toothache is unexplainable. That is why, it is really better to know the early signs of cavity.

What is Cavity?

Cavities happened when there is erosion occurring in the tooth enamel and bacteria infects its inner part. Many foods make the enamel of the teeth more prone into tooth decay. Bacteria can easily infiltrate the dentin of the teeth when the enamel is worn.

Most toothache begins with cavity. These are the early signs of having a cavity and how does it look like:

Dark Spots in the Teeth

The visible sign of tooth decay is the discoloration of your teeth. Cavity causes dark spots in the teeth that started from a stain like and eventually becomes bigger when not actioned immediately.

Very Sensitive Teeth

When you have cavity, your teeth now are more sensitive to hot or cold beverages or foods. At the time when your tooth enamel is worn out, the cavity can easily infiltrate the dentin. In other words, since the dentin is porous, you will feel pain every time you eat or drink either hot or cold foods.

Teeth Holes

Aside from dark spots, craters or holes may form when you have cavity. Bacteria present in foods and in the mouth make the holes.

Bad Breath

One of the most common signs of cavity is the unpleasant smell of the mouth. The bacteria in the teeth produce wastes that contribute to the foul odor of the mouth.

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To avoid cavity, frequent brushing your teeth. And it is mandatory to avoid formation of plaque in the teeth. Moreover, you must visit your dentist every 6 months.

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